Facts, Fictions, and Rumors


Question: “Is your data confidential?”

Answer: BWI does not, nor has ever sold data to any other company or third party.


Question: “Will Electronic Reporting cost local businesses thousands of dollars to comply?”

Answer: Electronic reporting, with the RAPID system, will cost under $300.00 dollars a year per store.


Question: “Is the RAPID system based on tiers, where you have to purchase different tiers to fit your needs and budget?”

Answer: The cost to the agency is based on how many stores contributing data not on the tools it provides. You receive full use of every aspect of RAPID regardless of how many stores you decide to put on this system.


Question: “Does Electronic Reporting require local businesses to purchase expensive computer equipment?”

Answer: Reporting to RAPID requires a computer with Internet access, a printer, and if copy of ID is required a printer and scanner.


Question: “Is there any limit to the number of law enforcement users or searches?”

Answer: There is no limit to any aspect of the RAPID system. We feel strongly that every member of the department should have access to the system and use it as frequently as possible. The more people that use the system; the more property will be recovered and suspects identified. That is what the RAPID system is all about. Because the data is stored by law enforcement, RAPID is able to offer tools that no other system has.


Question: “Pawn data is proprietary, are there any issues with data security?”

Answer: The security of the data is very important to us. Each Dealer has their own account. They cannot access any other information on the RAPID system other than their own. The data the Dealer submits is stored on law enforcement owned and maintained servers. RAPID is accessed only by law enforcement authorized personal.”


Question: Is the data being sent to Canada?

Answer: No, all RAPID systems are owned and operated by US Law Enforcement agencies.


Question: “Do the Dealers have to give up their own software and use the police data entry?”

Answer: Dealers have several different ways to upload data. While the program does have a data entry format, it also accepts uploads from many different types of pawn formats and major point of sale programs.